Bob Dogan Sings Ballads

Bob Dogan – Bob Dogan Sings Ballads

Bob Dogan – Vocals, Piano

Chicago is chockfull of wonderful pianists and awe-inspiring vocalists. Bob Dogan, amongst those in the know, is one of those great piano players who is full of creativity and brimming with chops. Seeing him play in his quartet at Ryan Schultz at Andy’s was a treat and then some. He’s a fantastic writer, and he’s more than able to tackle bebop at the most burning tempos, too. In short, he’s a complete pianist.

On his latest disc, he attempts an entirely new feat––singing. As the title of the CD suggests, the tempos don’t get too frisky, here. The focus here is mostly on well-known standard material, except for one that Dogan wrote, called, “From Me To You.”

The piano playing on this one is beautiful, as would be expected. Especially on the intros, solos and anywhere else that Dogan can fit something interesting in. The vocals remind me of Mose Allison. Not in tonal quality, but in the inflections, the little twists here and there, and the wink and a smile that you hear when he comes up on a clever lyric.

The arrangements here are sparse, even distractingly so. But for those who are looking for a late night, candlelit affair, it’d be hard to go wrong with Bob Dogan Sings Ballads.

By: paul abella